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Baby Signing Classes From Birth to Two Years

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Alice Williamson – Sing and Sign Walton, Weybridge and Hersham

Hi, I am Alice and I teach Sing and Sign baby signing classes in Walton, Weybridge and Hersham.

I am a local mum of two young children with nearly ten years’ experience teaching in primary schools as well as nearly four years of teaching Sing and Sign classes.

My husband and I were living in a different area with our first baby when I stumbled upon Sing and Sign classes. I loved the classes so much and was blown away by the willingness of the babies (including mine, thankfully!) to learn the signs and their desire to communicate with their grown-ups.

I realised that baby signing is one of the most brilliant gifts and skills one can give a baby and when our second child came along and there were no Sing and Sign classes running locally, I decided that I would investigate becoming a Sing and Sign teacher. The rest, as they say, is history. I have been on a mission ever since to introduce as many parents as I can to this amazing process.

What is Sing and Sign?

Developed with the help of Speech and Language professionals, Sing and Sign is Britain’s longest running and best loved baby signing programme.

Our focus is early communication, enhancing the relationship between parent and child and providing fantastic tools for future development. We want to make your parenting journey that little bit smoother: by giving your baby the tools to communicate with you before and while they are learning to talk, it helps to reduce frustration.

Babies use all kinds of signs and gestures as a natural part of learning to talk; encouraging your baby with extra signs like ‘milk’, ‘more’, ‘change nappy’ or ‘tired’ will help your baby communicate. Baby signing with Sing and Sign is also easy because we make it fun to learn! Your baby will recognise important words sooner and can use the signs to ‘talk’ to you before speech.

What are Sing and Sign classes like?

Sing and Sign classes follow a termly curriculum, and cover all the basic signs you need in your day to day life with your baby or toddler. The signs are taught through familiar songs, rhymes and music, but also toys, props and pictures are used to inspire your baby’s interest and illustrate the signs. Don’t worry, though; you don’t need to be a brilliant singer – we are inclusive and non-judgemental and your baby really won’t mind whether you are in tune or not!

Classes are relaxed and meant to be good fun for everyone. The classes are kept small so that both you and your baby can feel safe and enjoy the social aspect of a regularly attended class. Each session follows the same format and structure, and babies enjoy the routine and soon become familiar with the different parts of the session.

Thorough Risk Assessments for each class have been carried out and I am confident that classes are as ‘Covid-secure’ as they can possibly be, with every effort to mitigate risk wherever I can.

Come and try a class out!

I put on specific taster classes for new customers when I can but at any point in term, if there is a space in a class, I am happy to welcome new customers for a free trial to see if they want to come back for more Sing and Sign with me before committing to the term. Baby signing does take commitment – the learning is cumulative for both baby and carer.

But it is so very rewarding and there is plenty of support for your learning both from me and the superb Sing and Sign resources I include in the termly fee.

There are three different age-appropriate stages available and my Summer term timetable is below:

Mondays – NSD Studios, Hersham Road, Walton, KT12 1RW
10 am – Stage 2 (14-24 month olds)
11.15 am – Stage 1 (6-14 month olds)
12.30pm – Babes (0-6 month olds)

Tuesdays – The John Holland Centre, Pantile Road, Weybridge, KT13 9EG
10 am – Stage 1 (14-24 month olds)
11.15 am – Stage 1 (6-14 month olds)
12.30pm – Babes (0-6 month olds)

Wednesdays – Beaver Lodge, Faulkner’s Road, Hersham, KT12 5JB
10 am – Stage 2 (14-24 month olds)
11.15 am – Stage 1 (6-14 month olds)
12.30pm – Babes (0-6 month olds)

Thursdays – the comfort of your own home!
11.30am – Babes (0-6 month olds)Zoom session

If you have twins, you only pay for one space in the class – life must be hard enough coping with double the juggle without further restrictions on getting out to classes!

If you would like to find out more or to book onto a class please do visit my website or get in touch directly with me:


Instagram: singandsign.hershamweybridge


Tel : 07958089490

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